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Siren Books

give in to temptation


HELLO and WELCOME to Siren Books!

We are a small independent publisher based in the Midlands, publishing books in three main areas; general and contemporary fiction under the Siren name, erotic fiction under the Siren Red imprint and self-help and how-to books under the Siren Lightbulb imprint. We have a number of titles in the pipeline that will become available here during Spring 2018, and we will then look to expand our list. Any interested authors should take a look at our authors page and drop us a line if you think we’d make a good match!

So why Siren? Well we think the process of writing, and reading, is a little bit magical and definitely an illicit kind of pleasure. So rather than tempting sailors to their death, we are entreating you to come and play with us, and indulge yourself in our books. Take some me-time for you with a Siren book.