Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We are currently open for submissions!

Take a look around. If you like the cut of our jib we would be delighted to hear from you although you are likely to have a far greater chance of success if you have read and digested the submission guidelines below.


We have two fiction imprints, Siren and Siren Red. Make sure you know to which one you would like to submit!


Siren publishes contemporary fiction. We aren’t big on a prohibitive list of DO NOTs but bear in mind that what we like tends towards the darker end of the fiction scale- think dystopia, noir, non-slasher horror, put simply, things that give you a bit of a chill rather than a nice warm feeling. That said, we are open to persuasion if the writing is right. Speculative and fantasy fiction is welcome so long as there is an engaging story thread rather than the universe being the story. Historical and romance works would probably need to be a bit nasty to really float our boat.

We actively encourage submissions of short stories, or even novellas (think the Bachman Books), so long as you have a collection, rather than just one or two. [We will be putting out calls for submissions to edited collections so if you do only have a couple, keep your eyes open for those.]

Send the first two chapters, together with a synopsis of the rest of the book to submissions@ (no space), together with a little bit of background information about you. Because we like to get to know our (potential) authors.

Siren Red

Siren Red is our erotica imprint. We don’t think we need to explain what erotica is, and we are open to various ‘combinations’, but we do want story-led work, rather than ‘action’-led. That said there needs to be some action, or else it’s just a romance… We aren’t into anything illegal, nor aimed solely to shock, but we like to be surprised.

Again, send the first two chapters/5000 words together with a synopsis of the rest of the story. We’d also like an idea of overall length. You are, of course, welcome to write under a nom de plume (or whatever else tickles your fancy!), but again, give us a bit of a clue as to what makes you tick. Submissions (no space).


Non fiction

Lightbulb is our non-fiction imprint and we are looking for self-help and how-to books of up to (c) 25,000 words. As a new publisher we are looking to establish our niche, so we are unlikely to be interested in something that is already well-covered in the market (although never say never!).

Health related topics will need a medical/job related qualification, or need to be written from a personal survivor rather than topic expert perspective.

Send a sample chapter, together with chapter headings/structure of the rest of the book. We’d also like you to include a short blurb and identify who is going to be interested in reading your book, and why. Finally, tell us why you are the best person to write this book. Again, submissions (no space) is where to send it.


If you have any questions, please email us on the address above, we don’t bite!